Personalize your Pleasure with MyVibes

We know everyone vibes differently, which is why we developed programming capabilities that allow you to customize your vibration patterns, only available on our Duet Pro.

  • Simplify Your Vibes

    Developed for our newest generation of the widely-adored Duet, control the pattern, speed, and power of your vibrator. Change as often as you like, whenever you like.

  • Customize via USB

    Log into the MyVibes web app using the serial number on your Duet Pro to start designing patterns. Once you're ready, download them from your computer onto your vibe via USB.

Only Available on the Duet Pro

Developed exclusively for the dual-motor Duet Pro, customize your vibration patterns and discover your desires like never before.

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A Note on Privacy

We believe the most effective method of safeguarding your privacy is by not requesting personal information whenever possible.

In this spirit, the only detail necessary for utilizing MyVibes is the serial number on your Duet Pro device. This serial number isn't stored at the time of purchase, nor is it linked to any identifiable personal information. Rest assured, your privacy is secure.