Pleasure Tour

In 2018, our team designed and built the CRAVE Design Factory: part showroom, part design studio, and workshop where you can build your own vibrator. Set inside a 1961 vintage Airstream trailer, our team took to the road in an effort to open up conversation around sex and pleasure.

The Build-A-Vibe Experience

Traveling with the Airstream around San Francisco, and around the country, Build-A-Vibe guides them through the process of assembling their own vibrations. With a kit and the help of our Technicians, we hope to teach the engineering behind our products, but also provide a space for conversations surrounding pleasure.

“People don’t often have the opportunity to talk about vibrators and sex in a warm, open environment. Having this experience allows everyone to come in, build their own. They don’t feel like it’s awkward.”

—Ti chang, co-founder of crave

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Spreading Pleasure

Taking the Airstream around the country for over 8 years, the Build-A-Vibe has been seen at Coachella, Playboy HQ, Pride celebrations, Design Weeks, and film premieres.

  • “Seeing how CRAVE toys are made did not turn me off from them. In fact, it did just the opposite. The CRAVE design aesthetic penetrates all aspects of the culture.”


  • "The trek is all in an effort to connect with customers and destigmatize female sexual pleasure, an overall goal for the brand."

    Business Insider

  • "By inviting people to make their own pleasure tools, it not only creates a safe space, but also an opportunity to learn about the advanced tech that goes into making them."


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