This is About The History of Women's Pleasure*

*And how it has been suppressed for centuries

In 2019, we started kicking around the idea of making a little video for you documenting the history of women’s pleasure. It was meant to be an interesting take for women's history month—the type of women's history we don't hear about very often.But something strange happened. The more we dug, the more we learned that the history of women’s pleasure is mostly a story about how society has sought to negate women’s pleasure and control women's bodies for centuries. Sound a little too familiar? They say we study history so that we don't repeat past mistakes over and over again. When it comes to women's bodies, somebody missed that memo.

In the current state of the world, it’s pretty clear that this little video we sought out to make turned out to be more relevant and important than we ever thought it would be. At CRAVE, we do more than make sex toys. We have a vision for the world where everybody is empowered to own their pleasure. And that vision cannot possibly come to pass in a world where half the population has its bodily autonomy challenged and threatened. Having real conversations about female pleasure might seem like a lofty goal in an environment as wrought as the one we find ourselves in today. We think it’s essential. And that is why we made this video.